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Hello Musicians,

We appreciate your interest in the San Luis Obispo Symphony Orchestra auditions! Since its founding in 1961, the SLO Symphony has been an artistic, economic, educational, and community-minded entity in the Central Coast of California. The orchestra’s season includes an annual performance of “Pops” at Avila Beach, a bi-annual New Year’s Eve Pops concert, and occasional chamber opportunities in more intimate venues. In addition, we perform five Classics in the Performing Arts Center at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. 

Auditions will be held :

Thursday, October 26th – strings – violins (8) – ACM, 4 first violin, 3 second violin.

Friday, October 27th – cello (2), bass (2)

Saturday, October 28th – assistant horn (1)

We currently have the following openings:

We are looking to fill the following positions:

  • Assistant Concertmaster – 1 position,
  • First violin – four positions,
  • Second violin – three positions
  • Cello – two positions
  • Bass – two positions
  • Assistant Horn – 1 position

The audition location:
Community Baptist Church, 51 Foothill Blvd., San Luis Obispo, California 93405

Here you will find the audition information, application, and the audition repertoire. All
applications must be submitted online.

To apply for a posted audition, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.
Be advised, the deadline for applications for this audition is October 13, 2023.


What materials do I need to submit to apply for an audition?

Please send a one-page resume (including email, address, and phone number) to [email protected] . To secure an audition time, you will need to complete and submit an online application and one-page resume and a non-refundable audition deposit of $25.00. Please use the direct link, which is also found on the audition page:


An application is only considered complete upon the arrival of all application components. Please note that audition materials must be filled out completely, and received by the application deadline, with the deposit, to secure an audition time.


What information needs to be on my resume?

Please limit your resume to one page. 

The following information must appear clearly on your one-page resume:

  • Name
  • Instrument
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number (cell preferred)
  • Current Mailing Address


Please email your resume to Linda Sorensen, Personnel Manager, at [email protected]

 Do I need to submit a recording?
OPTION #1: You can submit a recording (audio) for the first round by September 28, 2023.
String candidates will be notified no later than October 1, 2023 if they have been advanced to the
“live” second The recorded requirements are as follows:

Associate Concertmaster-all solos, plus the violin excerpts listed below:

  • Brahms Symphony No. 4, 4th Mvt., 8 mm before B to D
  • Mozart Symphony No. 39, 2nd Mvt., beginning, take first repeat to 2nd beat of m. 27.
  • Mendelssohn Midsummer Night’s Dream, Scherzo, beginning to 17 measures after K
  • Strauss Don Juan, first page

Violas (No openings, but can audition for the sub list)

  • Beethoven Symphony No. 5, 2nd Mvt, beginning to m. 106
  • Strauss, Don Juan, beginning to 6 measures after D
  • Mozart Symphony No. 35, 1st Mvt., beginning to Letter B
  • Shostakovich Symphony No.5, 1st Mvt., rehearsal numbers 15-17

Cellos: .

  • Beethoven Symphony No. 5, 2nd Mvt., beginning to m.10; mm. 98-106; mm. 114-124
  • Mozart Symphony 40, 1st. Mvt., mm. 114-138 (20 measures before C to 5 measures after C)
  • Brahms Symphony No., 2nd Mvt., beginning to m. 15; mm. 46-55
  • Strauss Don Juan, beginning to Letter D


  • Beethoven Symphony No. 5, 3rd. Mvt., mm. 141-219 (Trio) w/o repeat
  • Mozart. Symphony No.40, 1st Mvt., mm. 114-138
  • Stravinsky Pulcinella, Suite VII. Vivo (Figure 85-6 measures after 93 w/o repeat)
  • Bach, Violin Concerto in E Major, MWV 1042, Adagio, mm. 1-15

Horn – Assistant Horn

  • Concerto exposition from either Mozart Horn Concerto No. 2 or No. 4, or Strauss Horn Concerto No. 1
  • Brahms Haydn Variation VI
  • Brahms Haydn Variations – Finale (9 before M to 4 before N)
  • Mendelssohn Midsummer – Nocturne
  • Beethoven Symphony No. 3 Trio (beginning to m. 205)
  • Strauss Til Eulenspiegel (opening calls to fig 1.
  • Wagner Siegried’s Rhine Journey
  • Brahms Symphony No. 3 Mvt III (letter F to 13 after F)
  • Beethoven Symphony No. 7 Mvt IV (m. 23 to 32)
  • Strauss Heldenleben (fig 1. to fig. 5)
  • Tchaikovsky Symphony No.4 Mvt I (beginning to 6 after A)
  • Beethoven Symphony No.3 Mvt IV (Letter F to the end)
  • Strauss Heldenleben (fig 10 to 13)
  1. When will I receive further information?
    Usually, you will receive correspondence within 48 hours. All correspondence is done via
    email. Audition information is posted on the SLOS website.
  2. What if I need to cancel my audition?
    Please get in touch with the Personnel Manager for any cancellations: [email protected]
  3. What if I miss a deadline?
    Be advised, the deadline for applications for this audition is October 13, 2023.
    Likely, we will not accept your materials. If extenuating circumstances are at play, an

    exception may be made, but typically, this is not the case, and will discard your materials.
    Auditions are planned months in advance, please adhere to the deadline.
  4. Can I request a specific audition time?
    Please email the audition account [email protected] with your audition time
    request when you submit your complete application. This email should include your
    requested audition date and time and your reason for the request. If you need to ask for a
    specific time, I strongly encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible. This
    increases the odds of getting the day and time you need, as requests are honored first
    come, first served.
  5. If you receive an audition date or time that doesn’t work for you, you may request another time, but your request may not be granted, as it is much harder to change once we’ve set the audition times.
  6. What is the compensation?

The openings we are currently hiring for earn $53-65 per service.
Further compensation such as cartage, travel and accommodations may also be provided.




Linda Sorensen

San Luis Obispo Symphony Personnel Manager

San Luis Obispo Symphony

75 Higuera St., #160

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

[email protected]