Donor Recognition

Thank you for your generous support of the Symphony!
Each and every gift is important to us.

The following list reflects gifts to our general fund, sponsorships and in kind giving of $100 or greater for July 2022 – June 2023.

Symphony –
$5,000 and above

Community Foundation of San Luis Obispo County
John and Becky Baer
Bern Singsen
Brendan and Kathryn McAdams
Ellery and Jeanne Conley
Garrett Foulke and Dorothy Correa
Joan Gellert-Sargen
Klaus and Monika Gottlieb
Len Jarrott
Marti Lindholm & Alan Smith
Melinda and Jim Avila
Melodee and Jeff Brady
Peggy Lance Little

$1,500 – $4,999

Bank of the Sierra
Barry and Jennifer VanderKelen
Bert and Candace Forbes
Clifton and Jane Swanson
Cricket Handler and Jerry Boots
Harvey and Jennifer Smith
India D’Avignon and Ignatios Vakalis
Jessica Hoffman
Jill Anderson and Steven Jobst
Jim and Kathleen Walker
Jim Gates and Bettina Hodel
Kathleen Long
Kelsey and April Kennedy
Lorenzo Murguia
Mary and Thomas Tanner
Nancy Webber and Roger Vogler
Sandi Sigurdson and Stephen McGrath
Stephen and Misha Freyaldenhoven
Susan Minker
Thomas Miller and Pam Dassenko

Crescendo –
$1,000 – $1,499

Barbara Johnson
Carol Boche
Carol Mae Florence
Fred and Rochelle Friedman
George Ohgi
Judge James Ream
Kathryn Lawhun and Mark Shinbrot
Ke-Ping and Su Tsao
Ken and Laura Green
Miki Gillman and Larry Batcheldor
Paul Severtson and Sue Schafer
Richard Macias
Russell Zink
Stefan Podell and Caity McCardell
Zorus and Judy Colglazier

$500 – $999

Andrew and Jean Greensfelder
Anne Tiber
Beach Bum Holiday Rentals
Black Hatchery & Turkey Farm
Cindy Marie Absey
Craig Russell
Elias and Ruth Nimeh
Eric and Karen Warren
Francie Levy and Larry Akey
Gary and Cynthia Lindquist
Jan and Michelle Nimick
Jill LeMieux
Jim Black and Liz Vogler
Judy Jennings
Julie Dodson
LeeAnne and George Fisher
Madeleine (Lynn) Shaw
Nancy Piver
Robert and Ruth Gordon
Robert Scott
Robin Greenler
Shefali Vatsa
Thoma Electric
Ursula Fitzgerald


Al and Tanya Streder
Alan and Cynthia Johnson
Amy and Garth Turner
Andrew and Jane Tupper
Andrew and Mary Sewell
Anita Myracle
Anna Kim
Art Goldman
Bill and Mary Ann Statler
Boyd and Maria Carano
Bruce Howard and Jane Howard
Carol Williams
Chantal and Ryan Allan
Dane and Susan Jones
David and Cynthia Javitz
David and Judy Slade
David Cox
Donald Pinkel and Cathryn Howarth
Duncan and Sara Bartlett
Ed and Bernie Kurtz
Ed Naretto
Eileen Joseph
Ernest and Carole Lee Miller
Frank and Virginia Pekar
Gary Greenstein
Gilbert Stork
Heidi Sealy
Jerry and Sharon Chirpich
John and Deborah Spatafore
John and Liz Summer
John Colbert
John Cox
John Kirby
John Morse
Jose’s Country Kitchen
Judy and George Shepard
Julia and Jerry Hartzell
Julia Ann Meyer
Karen Wiles
Kathy Baker

Prelude Continued –

Kimberly Clancy
Landmark Company
Larry and Laurie Baldwin
Louise Frye
Marcelle Kardush
Marcie and Daniel Hawthorne
Mark and Peg Eckert
Maurice and Diane Heath
Mavis Wong and Dr. Cyrus Ramezani
Michael and Jean Slater
Michael and Shel Burrell
Michael Zigelman and Maurina Kusell
Nancy Nagano
Nicole and Brad Kyker
Nora Gallison
Optimist Club of Paso Robles
Paso Students
Ralph and Druci Reese
Randall Murray
Randy Martin
Richard and Carol Rush
Robert Randazzo
Robert Tuman
Rotary Club Of Los Osos
Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo
Sandra Adams
Sharon Hill
Sharon Young Mediation
Stan Bennett
Thomas and Susan Davies
Thomas Zehnder
Tom & Diane Dixon
William C. Bowes
William Newman