Virtuoso Society

Leave a Legacy of Music

Whichever stage of life you are in, it’s never too soon to consider the impact you would like to leave. By planning a legacy gift for SLO Symphony now, you will gain peace of mind knowing that your love of music will be passed along to a future generation.

Classical music has endured as one of our greatest art forms for hundreds of years, due in no small part to the tradition of planned giving. There are many ways to join the Virtuoso Society Legacy Gift program – by designating a gift in your will, naming SLO Symphony as a beneficiary, contributing through a donor-advised fund, and more.

For more information about becoming a member of the Virtuoso Society, please email [email protected]


Cindy Marie Absey


John and Rebecca Baer

Ms. B. Lea Baker*

Bob Becker

Jim Black and Elizabeth Vogler

Barbara and Dan Blanke

Jerry Boots and Cricket Handler

Chet and Anne Boyd

Jeff and Melodee Brady

John and Nancy Bruno

Clifford Chapman* and Gene A. Shidler*

Clifford H. and Marylee* Clark

Donald and Frieda* Cook

Tom* and Kathy Coull Fund

Burke* and Rena Dambly

Dawna Davies

Steven deLuque and Jeff McKeegan

Sandy and John Dunn

Harold D. Fine*

Adrienne Fissel*

Michael E. and Ursula D. Fitzgerald

Phyllis Foulstone*

Phyllis and Robert Frank

Fred and Rochelle Friedman

Frank and Jacqui Garacci

Martha and Leon* Goldin

Shella E. Griffie

Darlene Hagenow

The John and Barbara Hartman Family Trust

Quin R.* and Linda C. Hauss

Patricia A. and Gerald Hempenius

Ms. Jeanne P. Holden*

Fred and Ellie* Malzahn Jacobsen

Kristin S. Johnson

Dr. Maurina Kusell and Dr. Michael Zigelman

Nicole and Bradley Kyker

Peggy Lance Little

Brendan V. and Kathryn L. McAdams

Stephen McGrath and Sandi Sigurdson

Jan Meshkoff, PhD

Allen* and Susan Minker

The MOCA Foundation

Jan Mracek*

Dr. Lorenzo Murguia, M.D.

Mrs. Alice Parks Nelson*

Russee Parvin

Gerry and Peggy Peterson*

Mrs. Roberta D. “Bobbee” Petrie*

Barb Renshaw

Ms. Louise M. Roberts*

The Craig H. Russell Fund

Victoria and Larry Schmidt

Madeline and David* Shaw

Skip Shaw

Beverly and Jim Smith

Liz and John Summer

Robert and Linda Takken

James R. and Mary L. Talbot

Joseph M. Thomas

Sheila and Yosef* Tiber

Bryce D. and Diane R. Tingle*

Patrick W. Trout

Roger and Janice Verity

Nancy L. Victor*

John* and Eldora Warkentin

Florence “Buddy” Welles*

Morgan Young*

Anita Shower