Get ready for a wild experience!

The Instrument Petting Zoo brings kids (and grown-ups) an up-close and personal encounter with a menagerie of musical instruments at community events throughout San Luis Obispo County.

Symphony Zookeepers will introduce you to all of the well-loved and well-used instruments in our collection, and help you figure out how to make some noise! Learn more about the different types of instruments, how each one creates a unique sound, and how they are played.

The Instrument Petting Zoo made possible by support from the Harold J. Miossi Charitable Trust, visits schools, libraries, farmers markets, clubs , and other organizations through out the San Luis Obispo area. It’s even available for birthday parties!


The Instrument Petting Zoo ranges from free to $250, and is subject to staff availability. Possible additions include a music history presentation, introduction to the orchestra and its instruments, and a beginning violin class for your group. Priority is given to Title 1 schools and nonprofit organizations. To schedule an event please email [email protected]

music education instrument petting zoo

The Instrument Petting Zoo brings  music education to children throughout the year. For many children who visit the Instrument Petting Zoo, it is the first time they get to see, touch, and play a real orchestral instrument. When you support the Petting Zoo, you are helping children to start a lifelong adventure with music.  You can help support our music education programs and more by making a donation to the San Luis Obispo Symphony today.