Enjoy a presentation about how sound works!

In a Notes in Class presentation, students are introduced to all of the instruments in the orchestra through a live demonstration by a Symphony-trained presenter, a video demonstration of a Youth Symphony student, and a hands-on chance to try each instrument. During the presentation, the “Zoo Keeper” teaches students how sound works and the various ways sounds can be created by playing on each instrument group of an orchestra: strings (vibration of the strings), brass (vibration of the lips), winds (vibration of the reed and body of the instrument), and percussion (vibration of different materials).

The SLO Symphony Music Van delivers our acclaimed Notes in Class program to 3rd and 4th grade classrooms throughout San Luis Obispo County.

Then the hands-on fun really begins when the students get a chance to try ALL of the instruments from the presentation!  Trumpets, trombones, and cellos, oh my!

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Teachers and principals at elementary schools throughout San Luis Obispo County are encouraged to invite Notes in Class to visit their third and fourth graders. Notes in Class presentations last about 50 minutes, and up to two may be scheduled per day.

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    You can schedule up to two (2) presentations on the same day. We will do our best to accommodate your chosen dates, and will contact you if there are any scheduling conflicts.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Does It Cost?

    A Notes in Class presentation is only $125 per visit. Up to two presentations can be scheduled per visit (must be back-to-back), with a maximum of 32 students per class. If you would like to schedule more than 2 classes, please note that you will need to book across multiple days and each day will incur our standard fee.

    What are the Requirements?

    Please be prepared to provide three adult volunteers to assist with supervising the students, as well as loading and unloading the instruments, set-up and clean-up. Your classroom will need to have adequate space to display the instruments on large tables.

    I Don’t Work at a School. Can I Still Arrange a Visit?

    Notes in Class also visits organizations such as libraries and clubs throughout the San Luis Obispo area. If you are interested in learning more, please call 805-543-3533 and ask for the Music Education department.


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