Music Education


                Music Education of the San Luis Obispo Symphony
INSPIRES the community through music programs that offer listening and performance experiences, CONNECTS people to tangible educational opportunities, and CULTIVATES a community that supports and advances symphonic and chamber music across San Luis Obispo County.





The San Luis Obispo Symphony is dedicated to taking students from the point of INSPIRATION then CONNECTION to tangible educational opportunities. The CULTIVATION of their love of music will motivate CONTRIBUTION to our community - as musicians, teachers, lovers of the arts, and supporters! The San Luis Obisop Symphony works to make sure the arts will enrich our community for generations to come!

  • The Musical Petting Zoo is available for community events around the County, allowing people of all ages to "pet" an instrument.
  • The Music Van travels to 3rd/4th grade classrooms all over San Luis Obispo County, demonstrating the families of instruments in the symphony and giving students a chance to try them out.
  • The Strings in the Schools program teaches violin, viola, or cello to 3rd through 6th graders in various schools throughout San Luis Obispo County.
  • Our newest program, Music Among the Books (MAB) is specifically for our libraries. It is an eduational program, bringing symphonic music to people of all ages, allowing them to try various instruments afterward.  Please email for more information.
  • The Youth Symphony is made up of over 200 young musicians learning to perform in one of SIX progressing ensembles.




If you have any questions regarding our various programs, please contact Abraham Perez at