Audition and Registration Form

Fill out this form to sign up for an audition and to register for Youth Symphony. This form contains important medical and liability waivers and must be completed before a student can participate in Youth Symphony. We strive to place every student in an ensemble that fits their musical ability. 

Students wishing to be in Super Bows do not need to audition, but must still fill out this registration form to register.

Please note that the audition fee and tuition is non-refundable.

Contact Information

School Year 2018-19
(805) 555-5555
(805) 555-5555
E-mail is our primary mode of communication with families.
Please include your student's e-mail address if you would like them to receive weekly rehearsal reminders.


Youth Symphony Directory

Please let us know if you would like your contact info listed in the Youth Symphony Parent Directory. Families use this information to set up carpools and other things related to Youth Symphony. It will only be distributed to YS families.  


Audition Information

How many year have you studied your instrument?
How many years have you been a member of SLOYS? Please include the upcoming season.
We will do the best that we can to accommodate requests. Broad requests like "After 6PM" are the easiest to schedule.


Demographic Information

These optional questions help by giving us information that we use for grants and other applications. 

We'd like to know where you work so we can support your business.


Medical Information and Releases

(805) 555-5555
(805) 555-5555
MEDICAL RELEASE: I (We) the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the above named minor, give my (our) permission for my (our) child to participate in the San Luis Obispo Youth Symphony (SLOYS) and assume all risks and hazards incidental thereto, including those arising in the course of transportation to and from SLOYS functions. I (We) hereby give consent and authorize proper authorities of the SLOYS to administer first aid; authorize necessary emergency treatment at a nearby emergency medical facility, and/or authorize a medical doctor to examine or treat the child for illness or injury or both while he/she is in attendance with the SLOYS or on related activities. By selecting the "Accept" you are agreeing to the terms above.



I give my permission for the use of any SLOYS related photographs, videos or audio recordings of my child for promotional and social media purposes. By selecting the "Accept" you are agreeing to the terms above.
I (we) understand that tuition payments cover only half of the expenses, and that fundraising will help to offset the costs. We agree to pay the full tuition that is due, as outlined in the Membership Handbook. By selecting the "Accept" you are agreeing to the terms above.
I (we) recognize that SLOYS is largely a participatory volunteer organization. I (we) will honor the requirement of contributing 3 hours of volunteer time or select the "buy out" option by contributing $100 (not deducted from tuition) By accepting this agreement you understand that if you do not serve your required 3 hours or pay the buy out by the end of the season that you will be invoice for $100.00 By selecting the "Accept" you are agreeing to the terms above.



Once you click the submit button below, your form will be submitted. It will then take you to the page to pay your $35 Audition Fee online. Those signing up for Super Bows do not need to audition and do not need to pay an audition fee.