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If it isn’t already on your calendar, come hear Youth Symphony Concert Orchestra members play as special guests with Black Violin, presented by Cal Poly Arts, at the Performing Arts Center on 

You may have heard her on NPR's All Things Considered and Tiny Desk Concerts, St. Paul Sunday Monring, and Performance Today. This February 3rd brings another opportunity to hear Grammy Nominated harpist Yolanda Kondanassis live. She solos for Argentinian composer Alberto Ginastera's Harp Concerto with the San Luis Obispo Symphony, led by Music Director Andrew Sewell.

The San Luis Obispo Symphony Plays The Music Of the Night, From Baroque to Broadway, to Start the New Year 

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How do I find a Customer or Order?

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Can I Bring My Children?

Absolutely!  But please use your best judgment to determine if they are ready to enjoy the entire concert.  A quick talk with the little ones might be necessary about simple concert manners, including when and when not to clap, sitting quietly, and not rustling the program when the orchestra is playing.  We love seeing young people in the audience and we are thrilled to have them as new audience members. 

If a full concert isn't in the cards yet, then make sure to check out our Family Concert and our other music education programs like the Musical Petting Zoo!  

What is classical music?

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