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SAN LUIS OBISPO (CA) – The San Luis Obispo Symphony has added six local professionals to its Board of Directors, bringing a wealth of exp

New Music Director Andrew Sewell selects a diverse mix of popular classical selections, as well as contemporary classical and popular music for its 57th season

How do I add a Product?

It's possible there is a last-minute donation, or an item not yet in the system. If you cannot find the item to sell, just click 'Auction' --> 'Create Auction Item' and fill in the relevant fields. When you have finished, click 'save' and your item will now be in the Point of Sale List.

To add a Party with a Purpose, select add content --> 'Concert' instead of 'create auction item'.

What if the card is declined?

If the card is declined, though you may not see the error right away, the receipt will not print. When you try to charge the card again, it will show you an error.
There are many reasons a card may be declined. You can try another card, or you can break the transaction into multiple amounts, if the card has a per-charge limit.
You can also accept cash or check.

What if they are paying by check?

Just like you would a credit card order, select the 'Check' button. Enter the amount of the check, and click 'Save'.

NOTE: Check is the one payment method that is not considered applied at the time of the receipt. The order balance will not be zeroed out.

TODO: Note how to mark a check as cleared

How do I Charge a Credit Card?

Most of the bidders will have a Credit Card on file. In order to charge it, all you have to do is click the 'Credit Card' button on the point of sale screen.

You will see a list of any credit cards on file to choose from. Select the desired card, and click 'Save'.

If there is no card on file, or if the card is invalid, you may select 'enter a new card' and enter the credit card information.

When you click 'Save', a print dialog will appear with the receipt.

How do I find a Product?

Once you have loaded an order, you can find a product by clicking the 'Product' button.

The easiest way to find the product you are looking for is to enter the product number in the 'sku' field and hit 'enter'.

Enter the winning bid in the winning bid field and click 'tab'. You will see one or two small blue circles for a second or two while the price updates.

How do I find a Customer or Order?

1) Click on 'Auction' or 'Auction'--> Point of Sale to open the POS Interface
2) Click on the 'Order' box
3) Enter the Bidder Number in the Bidder Number field
4) Press "Enter" or click "Apply"
5) You should now see one order in the list. Click 'Load Order'.

NOTE: If you have trouble finding the correct order, you may have filters already in play. If you aren't sure, you can always click the 'Auction' link to start over.

How do I change Bidder Numbers?

1) Click on the 'Auction Seating Report'.
2) Use the filters provided to find the person you are looking to change
3) In the Bidder Number field, click 'edit this field'
4) Change the value to the new bidder number, and press the 'tab' key

NOTE: if more than one ticket was purchased, this will change all tickets in the order.


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