Music Among the Books


Our newest addition to the Music Van Programs is Music Among the Books. We partner with surrounding libraries to bring the same Music Van presentation elementary school students (3rd and 4th graders) receive between January and March, but for a larger audience of all ages. Music Among the Books brings symphonic instruments and a Symphony-trained presenter to educate community members on the various families and instruments of the symphony. Various string, wind, brass, and percussion instruments are brought directly to the library for a special presentation. Afterwards, everyone is welcome to try each instrument!  

The presentation is offered at $150 for a 1.5 hour presentation. The entire fee goes DIRECTLY to the presenter. This program is perfect for summer months or in early August before school starts so that kids can connect to our Strings in the Schools program. After the presentation is over, the community is then connected to Symphony performance events, Youth Symphony opportunities, area Strings in the Schools campuses, community events and private instructor information.  

Music Among the Books CONNECTS the community to tangible music education opportunities. Please contact the Music Van Programs Coordinator, Randall Shanks, to reserve a date at