Theremin Video

A theremin is an electronic instrument that is played without touching it at all! Two metal antennae sense how close the musican’s hands are. One controls pitch, and the other controls volume. Click the link above to see it in action!

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Chrome Music Lab

The Chrome Music Lab has 13 fun, hands-on musical experiments that you can play right on your computer! No instrument required!

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You’re practicing at home, right? Riiiight? Send us a picture or video (with Mom and Dad’s permission) of you practicing your favorite piece of music at home and we’ll share it on our social media pages! Email to, or tag us in your post.

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Fun, informative, videos covering a wide range of music topics. Want us to add your favorite? Send us a link at


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Games, challenges, and more interactive music fun! Want us to add your favorite? Send us a link at


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    Explore 13 interactive experiments to learn and play with music!

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    Drop a beat and make your own mix!

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    Make music with your favorite characters from Sesame Street, Arthur, and more!

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    Can you keep up? This fun game tests your reflexes while you play a song on your computer keyboard!