Board of Directors

Mission Statement

The mission of the San Luis Obispo Symphony is to support an outstanding community orchestra, to foster symphonic and chamber music education, and to contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of the Central Coast community.


David Hamilton, President
Law Office of David S. Hamilton

Deanna Richards, Past President 
Edward Jones Investments

Cindy-Marie Absey, Secretary 

Jeff Brady, Treasurer
GygNet Software (Retired)


Melodie Beard - Attorney, Public Defender

Michael Bell - COO, Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center

Kim Cade - Asst. VP Business Service, SESLOC

Roxanne Carr - Sr. V.P./Chief Development Officer, The Mortgage House

Pam Dassenko - Pam Dassenko, DDS

Dianne Draze - Publisher and Editor (Retired)

Jessica Hoffman - PLM Project Manager, Gas and Process Division
Atlas Copco Mafi-Trench Company LLC

Chase W. Martin
Deputy District Attorney, San Luis Obispo County

Linda Parker Sanpei - Parker Sanpei & Associates

Victoria Schmidt - Registered Dietician

Paul Severtson - KCBX (Retired) 

Mark Sherman, MD - Physician, Pacific Eye

Mary Tanner - Performing Arts Manager, Retired

Honorary Life Member

Clifton Swanson

Past Presidents

1961-63  Dr. John Woodbridge
1963-65  Robert Butler
1965-67  Hendrik deBoer
1967-68  Mrs. Alice Nelson
1968-70  Percy Rich
1970-71  Hendrik deBoer
1971-72  Arthur C. Allen
1972-74  Homer Odom
1974-75  Dr. George C. McGinnis
1975-76  Robert Gordon
1976-77  Homer Odom
1977-78  Edward Lowman
1978-80  Dr. Hazel J. Jones
1980-82  Dr. Anthony Avina
1982-83  Edward Lowman
1983-85  George Virgil
1985-87  Richard Summers
1987-89  Dr. John Hartman
1989-91  Dr. Glenn Irvin
1991-93  Frank St. Denis
1993-94  Robert McKee
1994-96  Dr. Robert Danielson
1996-97  Frank St. Denis
1997-98  Dr. Susan (Cotler) Dressler
1997-98  Ann Shaw
1998-99  Liz Summer
1999-00  Roger Verity
2000-01  John Stipicevich
2001-02  Anne Marr
2002-03  Sheila E. Griffie
2003-04  Liz Summer
2004-05  Cindy Marie Absey
2005-06  Dennis Johansen
2006-07 Jim Black
2007-09  Sandy Dunn
2009-11  Michael Zigelman
2011-13  June McIvor
2013-15 India D'Avignon
2015-16 Liz Summer
2016-17 Deanna Richards