High Sierra Photography Workshop

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Limited to the Big Waterfall Weekend April 26 & 27, 2014. Accommodations are at Curry Village in a canvas wood framed tent.
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Coupled with the dramatic backdrop of the sheer granite walls and iconic lofty, precipitous spires, peaks and domes, springtime in Yosemite is a photographer's delight.  As with all High Sierra Workshops, this workshop focuses not only on the "where" to take the pictures, but also on the "how" to take pictures, incorporating photographic education throughout the workshop at each location.  By building on the previous location's techniques and lessons, this allows for culmination in comprehensive lessons in composition, visual thinking, calculating equivalent exposure, the painters principle, white balance shifting, the four design elements, high dynamic range and ND filtration and motion blur.  Accommodations for your Photography Workshop are at Curry Village in a heated canvas wood framed tent cabin with shared restroom facilities.